About the beginnings

It all started over a year ago when a friend of a friend posted an article about a girl who hasn’t produced any trash in 2 years. When I first read it, I thought she was mad. The good type of madness, but still. I thought that to live like that would be very limiting, hard to achieve and, ultimately, not worth it. But, to my surprise, I started thinking about it more and more, caught between fascination and cold-hearted scepticism.

I always regarded myself as a nature lover and a person who cared about the environment. For example, I chose the impact of acid rain as the project for my final high school exam in German! Well…yeah. But once that girl had finished her studies at high school, then university, travelled a little and come to live to Ireland, she had slowly but surely fallen into the trap of consumerism – the carefree world where everything is at the ready, nicely packed and conveniently available in nearby shops.


Lauren Singer, my first inspiration! (Photo: mindbodygreen.com)

I read that article one, twice, three times. And I realised that I agree with this girl, I actually envy her this way of living and thinking! She was an instant inspiration to start reading and learning. I soon came across the name Bea Johnson, a mother of two living in California living the Zero Waste lifestyle since 2008. For the following Christmas, I asked Santa for Bea’s book and he (more or less) happily obliged. That was the real start of considering that this might be the way I want to live my life, or least, try to!


Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, 2016 edition (Photo: Amazon.co.uk)

In the last year, I have learned a lot. About the stuff I owned, the food I ate, the products I used, about the world and about myself. Most importantly, I learned that a life that aspires to Zero Waste is a journey. A long-term one filled with laughter and disappointment, successes and failures. A journey that is definitely worth the effort.

Some journeys you can travel alone but company is always better. Somebody you can ask questions, chat to, laugh with or pour your heart out to. And that’s why this blog was born. I think that there are people like me who are trying to embark on this lifestyle but find it tough where they live…you know, not everybody lives in New York or San Francisco with a bulk shop just around the corner. There might not be one at all! You wish then that there was someone to ask for advice, help, an idea. The Internet is a great source of ideas and recipes but sometimes you need someone to encourage you not to give up and not to beat yourself up when you had to compromise once again.

So, here’s my idea. I will tell you about my (ongoing) journey towards a simpler life and you, in turn, can join me, help me, judge me, laugh at me, ignore me, ask me questions, answer me or advise me. In fact, just do whatever you think is best – the important point of all this, is that we are once remembered by the actions we took rather than the waste we produced – we all have a choice!!

What do you think??

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