My name is Zdenka, I am originally from Slovakia and now living in Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes, especially wandering through the green Irish countryside, I feel like I am back home. I like the smell of Irish spring, most of all freshly cut grass and gorse bush flowers. I also like the taste of fresh water on a hot day, the texture of proven dough, the sound of the sea and the look of snowy mountains.

Besides all of that, I love this little blue planet we live on and would love for my future kids to do the same. That’s assuming that it still will be here in good enough shape for them, which is also what sustainability is all about. So, I decided to try to do my bit for the planet. Even though I know that one person can hardly change the world, I think people should always do what they believe in and if it makes sense, you’d never know – it might just catch on. That’s how change starts!

So, maybe you’ve thought about using the car less, avoiding plastic or conventional cosmetics, buying only organic produce or actually taking up gardening. Maybe you’ve considered moving to a tiny house, giving your possessions a minimalist makeover, reducing your waste to a minimum or, like me, decided to find a combination of all things green that suit your life. Either way I would be be over the moon, if my journey, that I am documenting here inspires you in some, even the smallest way.

My idea is for this blog to be a place where we can share ideas, questions, recipes, experiments, failures, helping hands and encouraging words. You are more than welcome to contribute in any way, leave a comment, send an email or just read a post.

Ready to change the world…one glass jar at a time?


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